Code of Conduct

The culture of this community includes being:

– Open-Minded
– Considerate
– Empathetic
– Respectful
– Collaborative
– Inquisitive

The current Boston Tech Meetup ecosystem, including the data-related groups, has been built upon a foundation of programming groups including Java, Python, and PhP.   Several of these programming groups, such as the Python Software Foundation have a “Code of Conduct”.   This “code” generally remains in the background until people cross a line they should not (such as what happened at a PyCon event in 2013).   Some data-related organizations, such as the Apache Foundation and Hadoop Summit also have a “Code of Conduct”, and in general the above tenets are ones that many organizations, whether corporations, government, or academia, also share (and on the other hand, many corporate cultures are just the opposite!).

Please refer to:

Python Software Foundation: Code of Conduct
The Apache Software Foundation: Code of Conduct
Twitter Open Source: Code of Conduct
Hadoop Summit: Code of Conduct
Gates Foundation: Code of Conduct

P.S. Prior to Meetup, the Boston Computer Society ran from 1974-1996, and prior to that there were computer clubs at local universities going back to the original days of hacking.

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