Social Impact

This initiative looks to complement the existing civic hacking/coding groups by leveraging “data science”. Please refer to the
Data Science for Social Good group. The initial kick-off meetings will be multi-fold:

(1) Charter and Project Formats: Discuss the different ways project can be tackled given member work and class schedules; as well as roles (team member, mentor, sponsor) and responsibilities. Formats could include:

– weekend hackathons
– weekly data science meetings
– summer fellowships? perhaps for 2016 or Fall, 2015 if not Summer, 2015.
– discuss Beginner vs. Experienced Data Analysts / Scientists with respect to training and projects.

(2) Online Challenges:

– Driven Data
– Splunk Social Impact Challenge

(3) Community Outreach: to local non-profits, government, academia and companies; both for partnering on projects and for funding

– City Data Scientists
– Boston Foundation / Boston Indicators
– Boston Area Research Initiative
– Academic programs (e.g. urban studies), professors, and grad students interested in DSSG.

(4) Website, Documentation

– is WordPress sufficient? create a separate site?

Reference Materials:

I. Several “Data Science for Social Good” organization can serve as potential models:

University of Chicago, Presentation